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Calamity is poised to bring fire and fury with their sophomore album, Kairos, due for release on 10th May 2019 digitally and on CD. As the previews of the album, they released the videos of the single The Truth, and later the second single Guerreros – their first song in Spanish. Kairos offers reckless and lethal dose of headbanging tribulation throughout nine varied thrash metal anthems.

Calamity están listos para traer el fuego y la furia necesaria al juego con au nuevo disco, Kairos, a ser lanzado el 10 de Mayo de 2019 en tiendas digitales y físicas. Como preámbulo a su Album, la banda lanzó The Truth y luego su segundo sencillo Guerreros - su primera canción en español. Kaiors ofrece una dosis letal de combustible para los headbangers y te dejará sin palabras con 9 himnos de Thrash Metal.


released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



Calamity Puerto Rico

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Track Name: Killer Vibes
You got a fire going on
You got an impulse to destroy
A drive that makes us all give in to you
Cause every time we step on stage we feel your vibes

Killer vibes
Bursting in tonight
Bouncing off the walls
Lighting up this upheaval

Let them shine
Let them rule the night
Set the game up high
Lighting up this upheaval
Killer Vibes!

Some of you came to see the show
Some of you came for fancy words
But at the end is all the same to us
We all came here to release an inner beast

We are all equal in the pit
There are no rules inside this room
Each one of you can have it as you will
And thats the reason why we are here to meet again
Track Name: Guerreros
Aunque se caiga el cielo
Yo vivo y nunca muero
Lo sabe el mundo entero
Que aquí no nos caemos

Ruégale a la vida que
No nos deje enloquecer
Si los buenos somos más
Nunca faltaran

Guerreros en la calle!

Siempre tiro
Para ‘alante, que se aguanten
Aquí nunca nos caemos

Y aunque andemos
En tinieblas, no tememos
Aquí tos’ somos guerreros

Crecimos con el viento
Con la lluvia y el trueno
Nos aguantó el orgullo
Nos amarró lo bueno

De trago en trago amargo
De sol a sol de fuego
Los míos van guerreando
Por eso voy con ellos

Todo el que vive aquí
Pa’ mí es un guerrero
Aunque no quiera guerra
En mi país el que brega bien
Se deja clavar por el que brega tierra

Tos’ son unos puercos
Por eso en nadie se confía
Los títeres no sólo están en la calle
Hay títeres finos bregando arriba

Por eso en PR se vive al día
esquivando las balas de toas’ direcciones
Ya sea de la calle o sea del sistema
esto es tierra de nadie porque no hay cojones

Aquí no hay cojones!
Pa’ bregar bien aquí hay cojones’
Pa’ buscársela bien no hay cojones
Pa’ matarse en la calle y clavarse a la gente
Pa’ eso cabrón sí hay cojones.
Track Name: Still We Live
No one should ever give up on their dreams

Look behind
To see yourself
To see yourself with different eyes

Always been a little shit
A child who wonders all the time
Chances were in front of you but you was hiding all the time

Sail into Oblivion
Dare to fight your demos

Heed to the thrills of your will
No one should ever give up on their dreams
Don’t mind the pain, It will heal
Wounds in life may hurt but still we live
Motherfucker still we live

“Let them by gones be by gones”
You keep repeating to yourself
You’ll commit the same mistakes
If yesterday was here today

Can’t expect different results
By doing the same shit again

What a bliss
If you’re dead inside
It takes death to feel the life

All the pain that is yet to come
Will no longer crack your soul

Source of light
In sorrow lies
I take grift as my fuel
Track Name: The Truth
Get out, get in
I'm trying to find my way
Throughout these things
I suddenly have to face

Life is a game
that no one taught me to play
I’ll learn the rules
And make sure to use them well

We are so easy to manipulate
Just make us think everything is okay
Make us feel good we will do what you say
Lie in a beautiful way!

Never knowing
who holds the truth
And consuming

There's something huge above our heads
The world is led by someone else
(Hiding the truth, dragging you down)
I'll give you the truth no one will tell

Your life was owned so long ago
It’s just a matter of control
(Hiding the truth, dragging you down)
I’ll give you the truth
The truth no one will tell you ever

Las reglas no han cambiado en realidad
El juego sigue igual
Vendemos nuestro vida para comprar
La vida de alguien más

Somos tan simples de manipular
Haznos creer que podemos pensar
Haznos sentir que nos das a elegir
Nuestro destino final

Siempre lejos
De la verdad
Lo que nos sirven
Track Name: Kairos
This man never knows
when the right time is
so he overthinks

Always standing still
Always so afraid
never knowing when he’s heading the right way.

Perfect time is always there
Showing up in unexpected ways
Sometimes he’s calling
Sometime he’s glowing
Sometimes he’s quiet
But then sometimes you feel it coming
There’s a chance for you to take
A thousand miles away
Don’t you feel it in the shaking ground?

We shall trust in our mistakes
They will take us there
Don’t you feel it in the shaking ground

Doubt it when it’s there
Miss it when it’s gone
Kairos on the run

Run faster than him
Go get what you need
Jump in the train while its heading the right way

Trust me
When your time is ending
it’s never returning
is’t never the same
don’t waste it away

Perfect time provides the chances
It will set the circumstances
You will take an advantage if you’re smart enough
Then Kairos will come
Track Name: The Change
Why should i stay?
Why should I remain so static
Why is this so systematic?

Fear don’t want you to change
because if you change it will fade away

Someday we’ll change
Existence will lead us to change
When the wind blow
It will tear it all away

Row with the tide
Your true self still remains deep inside
Lets just face it
We will change along the way

Never hesitate
Always trust your instincts
Let them guide the steps you’re taking

Change will happen
It will give you no fair warning
When its time its time, don’t fight it!

There’s nothing wrong...
We all will change....
Embrace the change...
Keep moving on...
Track Name: Overruled
Look at us
The way we live
In unreal equity

The one who rules
The one who serve
The one who try to change the world

Oh yeah
Im the man in charge
Reason is restricted
Question me no more

Justice Overruled
Justice for a few
Justice Overruled
My crimes will be indulged
Not yours

We leave it all
To hope and trust (to hope and what?)
A chosen few will make the laws

They are all men
How dumb are we? (how dumb are you?)
Cause men just leads to please their needs
Track Name: El Vacío
En la vida siempre supe a donde ir
El fuego en mis ojos siempre ardió
Ningún frente frío me causó temblar
Y jamás pensé algún día dudar

Las ganas de ser siempre pudieron más
Que cualquier temor a fracasar
Ahora soy un hombre que perdió la fe
y que jamás pensó un día preguntarse

Dónde estarán las llamas que me alumbran?
Dónde estará el hierro en mi interior?
Dónde estarán las ganas incansables
de poder llegar más allá del tiempo.

En algún lugar yo me perdí
En algún ayer yo me rendí

Recuerdo mil noches sin poder dormir
Con mis ojos fijos en el mar
Buscando en el agua la tranquilidad
Y poder llenar el vacío en mí
Track Name: The Handlebar
(Ft. Rob Santos, Yhann Ortiz, Giovanni Martinez)

When the sun goes down
And the moon begins to howl
And my inner self is
ready to get out

Its been a long, long week
I know exactly what I need
Its time to restart and
get me back on track

We stand as titans on the stage
To fuel a crowd of banging heads
here come the bikers again

The light are fading low
My band is ready to explode
We never stop no we never go x2

Everyone is heading to de Handlebar tonight
Motorbikes and beer falling from th sky
Wee all dance and jump around the fire skull

We never stop no we never go no no
We never stop no we never go!

Always dressed in black
Matching colors with the dark
Cause tonight we have no
plans of holding back

We don’t give a shit
what may others think or say
Once you learn the path
you’re never going back

We stand as robots on the stage
To fuel a crowd of banging heads
Here come the thrashers again

The light are fading low
My band is ready to explode
We never stop no we never go x2

Everyone is heading to de Handlebar tonight
Starships and beer falling from the sky
Wee all dance and jump around the fire skull

We never stop no we never go no no
we never stop no we never go!

Solo Yhann

No one can bring us down
The crowd will scream out loud
This is the way we live
Our only truth is NOW

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